How our Asana practice relates directly to our Chakra system

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Did you know that our physical yoga practice—our asana practice—directly relates to our Chakra system?

If you practice this limb of yoga, you know that your asana practice allows for physical openness and, overall, invites more balance and harmony within your body, mind and spirit.

Interestingly, when we look more closely at our energetic Chakra system and physical yoga poses together, we can gain even more insight into our personal matters and issues that may require our attention and correction.

Let us initiate this journey of self-exploration and expression by first examining each of our Chakras and their qualities, as illustrated in these Chakra 101 descriptions. By understanding each Chakra’s characteristics and behaviors, we can utilize the techniques that lie within our physical yoga practice to unlock, unblock, revitalize and re-balance our Chakras, which, on occasion, can each become underactive, overactive, or blocked. And, much like…

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