Yoga and Activism, Yoga is Activism

Please consider attending this workshop if you’re in the Triangle area of North Carolina. If you think your yoga practice is separate from the rest of your life, this will help you see that it’s not. If you already know that your yoga extends off your mat, you’ll learn to engage in new ways. Michelle is a wonderful yoga teacher, social worker, Carrboro Alderwoman, and all-around force for good in the world. Do it!

Michelle C. Johnson Yoga

In North Carolina this past year, we’ve seen people mobilize and speak up about policies that will undoubtedly have profound effects on our education and healthcare system, voting rights, environment, women’s health and right to choice, and social service systems.  As most of you know, on June 3 I was arrested for participating in civil disobedience with three fellow members of the Carrboro Board of Aldermen, and one Chapel Hill Town Council member, along with many friends and comrades. I chose to participate in civil disobedience because I believed that what was happening in our legislature was a travesty and I had little to risk. I am self-employed, have as much as I need financially, and don’t imagine that an arrest on my record will have negative impacts on my family and me. I did it because there are so many who risked much more than I did, and I…

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