FREE New Year’s Yoga Challenge!

Have you resolved to start practicing Yoga regularly? Well, I can help! I’m offering a FREE six-week New Year’s Yoga Challenge starting Sunday, January 4, to help you commit to or sustain a daily home practice to supplement whatever classes you go to. With a maximum commitment of fifteen minutes per day, it’s totally doable for everyone!


  • a weekly email with a 7-10 minute asana (yoga poses) practice, a 3 minute breathing exercise, and a 2 minute meditation. I’ll also post Facebook and Twitter reminders, and an occasional inspirational blog post (optional reading).
  • personal weekly email check-ins to see how it’s going and allow you to ask questions
  • for every two weeks you complete, you receive one free yoga class with me or a participating colleague. (Posted below, more to come!) In the spirit of satya, the yogic virtue of truthfulness, we’ll operate on the honor system.  (You’re off the hook for the fifteen minute practice if you took a yoga class at any studio with any teacher that day.)


  • a sincere desire to establish a steady practice
  • no perfectionism!–just do your best


  • check in once a week by email to let me know how it’s going and if you have questions


You may use your free class cards–you can earn up to three–with me (at Carrboro Yoga, Heart of Yoga School, or Pacifica Cohousing) or the following teachers:

  • Amy Apollo, Heart of Yoga School and Hillsborough Yoga
  • Elizabeth Matteson Bechard, Carrboro Yoga
  • Jeff Brown (Restorative Yoga), Durham Yoga
  • Kristi Buckley, Carrboro Yoga and Durham Yoga
  • Emily Burrows, Hillsborough Yoga
  • Nicole Dagesse, Hillsborough Yoga
  • Allison Dennis, Heart of Yoga School
  • Alexandra DeSiato (Pilates), Carrboro Yoga
  • Eleanor Dillon, Hillsborough Yoga
  • Rebecca Drake, Carrboro Yoga
  • Dara Fort, Carrboro Yoga
  • Daphne Gruener, Hillsborough Yoga
  • Lucia Jones, Carrboro Yoga and Heart of Yoga School
  • Mary Justus, Hillsborough Yoga
  • Amanda Kingsbury, Heart of Yoga School
  • Courtney Long, Carrboro Yoga
  • Michele Nettesheim, Carrboro Yoga
  • Ruth Newnam, Carrboro Yoga
  • Laura Nickerson, Durham Yoga
  • Leah Oster-Katz, Durham Yoga
  • Cammie Presler, Heart of Yoga School
  • Sara Owens, Carrboro Yoga and Durham Yoga
  • Sage Rountree, Carrboro Yoga and Durham Yoga
  • David Rowan, Carrboro Yoga and Durham Yoga
  • Bryanne Senor, Heart of Yoga School
  • Mira Shani, Durham Yoga
  • Rita Silver, Heart of Yoga School
  • Paul Sobin, Carrboro Yoga (non-series classes only)
  • Sommer Sobin, Carrboro Yoga (non-series classes only)
  • Dani Leah Strauss, Heart of Yoga School
  • Laura Terry, Carrboro Yoga
  • Katie Veleta, Heart of Yoga School
  • Sierra Weaver (Yin Yoga), Carrboro Yoga

“Practice becomes firmly established when it has been cultivated uninterruptedly and with devotion over a prolonged period of time.” ~ The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 1.14 (trans.: Edwin Bryant)

TO SIGN UP, send an email to with YOUR email address, OR fill out the form below (updated 01/05/15 14:25).


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