Malas, Mantras, and Movement Workshops with me and Dani Leah Strauss!

27-bead wrist malas
27-bead wrist malas

I’m super excited to offer this fun workshop experience with one of my favorite yoga teacher colleagues, Dani Leah Strauss. In addition to teaching asana, Dani has practiced and studied on the path of Bhakti Yoga, or the Yoga of devotion, for some time. She’s expert at explaining the purpose of mantra and regularly teaches mala making. Join us at Durham Yoga Company on July 18 or Carrboro Yoga Company on September 5, 1-3 p.m.

Often, asana–or practice of the poses–is the first aspect of Yoga that comes to our minds, but the Yoga tradition is rich with practices to help you deepen your embodied experience and navigate the challenges of everyday life. Malas, Mantras, and Movement will incorporate asana, as well as breath, mantra, and the creation of a wrist mala. We’ll start with a mindful, breath-based, all-levels Flow Yoga practice to help us cultivate some clarity, focus, and relaxation. After our asana practice, we’ll discuss Japa (mantra repetition) as one meditation technique and how to incorporate a mala into Japa practice.

A mantra is a carefully chosen phrase, Divine Name, or affirmation to further help still the mind during meditation. Mantras originated from the Yogic idea that everything has a vibration. The ancient sages were said to have had the ability to discern the difference and hear the vibrations of very specific objects, forces of nature, and even the Universe itself.

We will bring a variety of suggestions for mantras you might like to work with (both in Sanskrit and English), but ultimately the choice of a mantra is very personal. (If you already have one, we can help you create a mala that works well with your specific mantra.)

Malas are tools to help you center, focus, and steady yourself in form and spirit. Used since the 8th century B.C., malas, not unlike rosaries or prayer beads, are sets of beads used to count repetitions of a mantra during meditation. Meditation can often be challenging, especially when we first begin a practice. Having something tangible to hold in our hands during meditation assists the mind to focus more easily.

$55 includes all materials required to make a 27-bead wrist mala. $45 early bird discount available up until ten days prior to the workshop. Minimum of 5 participants, so sign up in advance if you’d like to come. Don’t hesitate to contact Nicole at with any questions.


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